GamePigeon, released in 2016, is an iOS mobile gaming platform. The iOS 10 upgrade, which lets users communicate with Apple’s iMessage, is used in the game.

Despite being limited to iMessage, this app has gained a lot of popularity. Although it is free software, you may buy extra features to unlock content and get rid of advertisements through the in-app store. The app has roughly 24 games in total, all based on simple concept games familiar to everyone who has ever played a board game. These games include:

  • Gomoku
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • sea battle
  • tanks
  • 8-ball pool and

Even though they are simple, these games may become quite addictive once you start playing them. The techniques required to play these kinds of games are what matters, as they are lacking in more complex games these days. It is not about the graphics or how technologically advanced the game is. Therefore, if your GamePigeon app has ceased functioning, how can you fix it? You can try a few different things to get GamePigeon to function properly.

Why won’t my GamePigeon work?

We’ll look at several solutions here that will help you get back online and resume your habit of outplaying your buddies at whichever game you’re hooked on.

The following are the main causes of an iOS device not functioning properly:

outdated iOS applications. Ensure your app’s settings are updated if your iOS version is outdated.

iMessage irregularities. GamePigeon is typically pretty dependable; however, it seems like there was a problem with iMessage recently.

iOS bugs. This may be as easy as a stuck game invite; on the iPhone operating system, issues are frequently encountered with certain games.

The best course of action to take if you have downloaded GamePigeon and it is not displaying is to uninstall and attempt reinstalling it.

If GamePigeon isn’t working, try the following steps: Log out and log back into your Apple ID.

Oftentimes, the most straightforward fixes work the best. Refreshing app permissions and fixing small bugs can be accomplished by logging out and back into your Apple ID.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Choose the ‘App Store and iTunes.’
  • After tapping on your Apple ID, select “Sign Out.”

Give it a few minutes before logging back in with your Apple ID credentials. Sometimes, this brief delay makes all the difference.

Restarting the network configuration

The foundation of applications like GamePigeon is connectivity. Resetting your network settings could be the solution if something goes wrong.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “General” and then “Reset” from the menu.

To reset network settings, tap it. As your device will restart as a result, be sure you’ve saved any crucial data. Reconnect to your WiFi after restarting GamePigeon to see if it’s operating properly.

Modifying “Time and Date Configurations”

Establishing an exact date and time is the only way to ensure synchronization between your device and the server, which is crucial for apps like GamePigeon.

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Select “General.”
  • Click “Date & Time.”

Make sure that “Set Automatically” is activated. To reset the setting, toggle it on and off again if it is already on.

The Problem With GamePigeon Only Showing Images

Although they might be annoying, visual errors are frequently simple to resolve.

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Go to the “Messages” menu.
  • You can force iMessage to reconnect with apps like GamePigeon by turning it off and back on.
  • Make sure “Send as SMS” is disabled as well. This maximizes gameplay by guaranteeing that GamePigeon messages are sent through iMessage.
  • Try rebooting your device if the problem continues. Sometimes all that’s required is a new beginning.

Data And Cache Clearing

Apps gather data and cache over time, which can occasionally cause performance problems.

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • After swiping down, choose “General.”
  • On “iPhone Storage,” tap.
  • Locate “GamePigeon” in the list and choose it.
  • To empty the app’s cache without removing it, tap “Offload App.” Make sure you have a backup or save your game progress before selecting “Delete App.”

Looking Up Updates for the App

Compatibility problems or glitches can arise with outdated software versions.

  • Get the “App Store” open.
  • The top-right profile symbol can be tapped.
  • To view the available updates, scroll down. Click “Update” next to any updates that GamePigeon may have.

Verifying the Enablement of Background App Refresh

This enables the program to update its content and check for changes.

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Press the “General” button.
  • Choose “Refresh Background App.”
  • Make sure GamePigeon has it enabled.

Contacting Support

The app’s support staff can offer customized solutions if everything else fails.

  • Go to the official GamePigeon website or use the app to contact customer service.
  • Describe your problems in detail and provide any pertinent screenshots.
  • Await their response; they may have particular solutions for problems that are known.

How to Turn iMessage Off

When iMessage is unavailable, you can turn it off entirely by selecting “screen time” in the settings menu. In order to access “iMessage,” click “communications.” Next to iMessage, tap “off.”

GamePigeon for Android

An iMessage add-on is called GamePigeon. It isn’t functional on Android. Though most users find it bothersome, GamePigeon may be utilized on Android devices with a longer version that includes tips.

On Android, Games Pigeon can function without iMessage. There might be more information on the app’s website. In summary

Although troubleshooting app difficulties can be intimidating at first, most issues can be fixed with the appropriate procedures. The approaches listed above are thorough and are designed to address the majority of problems that users have when using GamePigeon. Though technology isn’t flawless, you may quickly resume playing your favourite games with a little perseverance and the appropriate strategy.

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