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It would be best to use free, tiny SEO tools to improve your search engine rankings and organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. In this article, we will cover:

Tiny Search Engine Optimization Applications

Keyword discovery instruments

Link analysis instruments

Many lightweight SEO tools exist, but not all can be trusted. If you value your time, you should familiarize yourself with the top free SEO tools in 2023.

Website Speed Test By Google

You can use it to see how quickly your site loads on various mobile and desktop browsers. Just cut and paste the address of your website. Learn how long it takes for your website to load and how well it performs using this helpful tool.

After reviewing your site, it gives you a score out of 100. Moreover, it provides advice on how to enhance certain aspects. There is no restriction on what you can do with this tool. Pingdam, WebsiteTest, and GTMetrix are all great tools for this.

Website Analyzer by Ahrefs  

Use this tool to get a thorough assessment of your website’s technical health. The only things you need to do are sign up and authenticate your site. Your website can be inspected for over a hundred different SEO problems.

Fixing issues is made easier with the use of this tool. This instrument will help you pinpoint where additional internal links are needed. Including relevant internal links throughout your content is a great way to improve your SEO. See where specific keywords stand in the search engine rankings.

Respond to the People 

This handy tool may give you many great ideas for keywords to use in your SEO campaign. Only two searches can be performed each day. Simply enter a term, and Answer the Public will suggest other keywords. Both head and tail keywords will be delivered. A keyword list in Excel format is available for download.

Analytics from Google

Regarding free, lightweight SEO tools, Google Analytics is among the best. Web analytics and search analytics are two of its primary uses. It details every bit of information transfer that has occurred.

Although not designed for search engine optimization, this tracking tool is invaluable. You can connect your site to Google Analytics and use the term Hero plugin to see which term your site receives traffic.

Tools for Google Search

This app regularly monitors and reports on a website’s performance. You can find an overview of the search engine’s opinion of your site in the Google Search Console. These compact SEO tools might help you find and fix problems. You can examine metrics like clicks, impressions, and average position.

The AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Planner is a free and nifty SEO tool. Just log in to your Gmail account. Enter your keyword and choose the countries you want to see how often it is searched. This tool will give you various keyword suggestions and their respective search volumes.

The number of times a particular keyword is searched for in a given country or region can be viewed by anyone. The Google Ads keyword cost per click is also provided.

Trends on Google’s Search Engine

The popularity of a topic can be researched using Google Trends. The chart displays the most sought-after terms at various intervals. The results demonstrate the diversity of search interests. It’s a convenient way to keep tabs on global tendencies throughout time.


You can examine your site’s credibility with Mozbar. Both your site’s domain and page authority are revealed. This free SEO tool can also be used to monitor backlinks. You will simply need an email address as a prerequisite to sign up.

SEO by Yoast

Yoast is an excellent free SEO software. WordPress site administrators mostly use this tool to monitor SEO metrics. This resource provides information about search engine optimization (SEO) factors before publishing content.

The gaps, such as internal or external links, are highlighted. Meta tags, active and passive voice, and keyword density are all revealed. This free SEO tool can help you optimize your content.

Link Analysis by Ahrefs

Use Ahrefs’ free Backlink Checker to see the top 100 backlinks to any URL or website. The Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR), if any, are also displayed.

To uncover link-building chances, simply copy and paste a competitor’s website into the tool.

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