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Affiliate marketing is an incredibly profitable strategy to make money online. All you need to do is join affiliate programs and start creating content that will help market these offers. However, many beginner affiliates wonder, “Where can I post my affiliate links for free?” There are many online places where partners can promote links without fee and earn affiliate commissions. This article presents the seven best ideas for where to post affiliate links for free.

What Are the Best Places to Promote Affiliate Links for Free?

To create successful promotions, explaining the advantages of the offers you promote and ensuring you drive enough views to your links is essential. Even though affiliate marketing is often considered passive income, it still requires a lot of work, upfront promotion in particular.

Make sure to strategize how to spread links on various platforms to send as much traffic as possible to your affiliate offers. Checking analytics will help you understand which traffic sources are the most efficient to create better campaigns in the future.

Here are seven ideas of where you can post affiliate links for free to start earning passive income with affiliate marketing.

Criteria for choosing link donors

A link donor (donor domain or donor website) is a website that allows you to place a link (backlink) in one of its sections.

Netpeak SEO specialists determine quality domain donors by the following criteria:

Domain Rating (DR): This is an Ahrefs indicator of domain quality based on an analysis of the website’s link profile. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the donor’s score, the better. The minimum DR score may vary by topic, region, and budget.

Traffic: Both general traffic and traffic from search engines are considered based on data from Serpstat, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, etc. The traffic indicator may also vary depending on the subject, region, and other data. It is essential to consider the dynamics of traffic growth or decline.

The ratio of incoming and outgoing backlinks: This parameter can be found on Ahrefs. A link donor must have a more significant number of incoming backlinks and at least an equal number of inbound and outbound backlinks. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a link dump among the websites where backlinks are placed without distribution on a commercial basis. This will adversely affect the position in search results.

Topic: Look for donors of a similar topic so that the link to your website looks natural. For example, to promote a website with children’s products, choose a women’s forum, a beauty or fashion blog, or an agency’s website for children’s parties. Websites of broad topics, like regional news websites, will also do.

No spam ads or «black» content: Beware of donors with a lot of intrusive banners, porn ads, casinos, and other resources that are banned by search engines.

Region: For suitable donors, consider the domains that attract traffic from the area where you plan to promote your project.

IP Location: The donor’s server should be in the region your website is targeted at. This metric can be checked with the Netpeak Checker. However, many Ukrainian websites now run from servers in Europe and the US.

The number of keywords for which the website ranks: These should be considered about the traffic indicator. If a website, for example, is ranked for 20,000 keywords but receives 500 visits per month, it’s in the top 10 of the output for a minimal number of keywords.

My Top 24 Social Sites

1. Twitter

While it might not be the first site that pops into your mind for submitting content, it has a large audience and is an efficient platform for posting.

Many people use it to post links, content, and images that they find interesting and worthy of a revisit in the future.

2. Pinterest

As the quintessential social bookmarking site, Pinterest has an average monthly user base of 175 million, roughly 80 percent females.

In its lifetime, more than 50 billion pins have appeared on Pinterest.

3. Mix

In June 2018, the popular discovery platform StumbleUpon became Mix.

Mix lets you experience the internet as curated by machine learning, editors, or publishers.

You can also tag content that you liked, in particular, to share with others.

4. Slack

Slack is a group messaging program that provides users with customizable channels for chats.

You can also create private groups and have direct messaging.

In 2019, Slack had 12 million Slack groups.

5. Delicious

Delicious is a great booking marking site when you’re looking to build up maximum traction on your content.

6. Pocket

It is appropriately named, but it will be found later when you put something in your Pocket.

Pocket users can hold onto anything they find online or through various apps.

Bonus points: once something’s in your Pocket, you don’t need an internet connection to access it.

7. Digg

Got great content?

Then it belongs to Digg.

Digg is an addictive social bookmarking site that’s perfect for sharing your captivating content with a highly engaged audience.

8. Folkd

The Folkd bookmarking site contains a unique social search feature that works like a typical search engine, except the results are not from a complex, machine-driven analytics system.

Instead, top results display quality content that users of Folkd have bookmarked.

The more saves a piece gets, the higher its rank in their social search, which helps connect their visitors with even more quality content.

9. Reddit

What can’t be found on Reddit?

Users generate a list of bookmarks by commenting, upvoting, or downvoting content shared on the platform.

Reddit is a great tool when you’re looking to quickly promote your own content.

10. Fark

One of Fark‘s best attributes is their commitment to quality.

As a social networking news site, Fark receives many submissions daily but presents only the best to its audience.

This site isn’t for wimpy, weak content.

But if you’re ready to showcase your talent and drive traffic to your site, Fark is the way to go.

11. BizSugar

Suppose you’ve got content about startups, marketing, and the world of small business. In that case, BizSugar is the social bookmarking site that will help build your reputation and brand authority in a growing community of like-minded small business professionals.

12. Slashdot

Slashdot is the ultimate bookmarking site for tech geeks and the techie at heart.

Users of Slashdot submit and share content on gaming, cloud computing, computer hardware, security management, and more.

13. We Heart It

While users can submit and bookmark different types of content, We Heart It is heavily visual.

The site is excellent to look at, easy to use, and inspirational – especially for anyone who loves amazing imagery.

14. Scoop. It

This site, aimed toward professionals, offers solutions for content creation, content curation, predictive analysis, and content intelligence.

Scoop. It offers two platforms – a free version for individuals and a paid version for businesses.

15. Trendiee

For people who loved Newsvine and were disheartened when it shut down, Trendiee offers a similar platform that’s super easy to use.

Their goal is to connect people with trending news, and it’s one that they accomplish beautifully.

16. Diigo

Diigo is the ultimate social bookmarking site for academic types.

Educators, students, researchers, and anyone with a curious mind love the features that make keeping track of their resources and sharing them easy.

Diigo is perfect for content on statistics, analytics, or any industry research.

17. BibSonomy

Not many businesses publish scientific material as part of their marketing strategy.

But, for those who do, BibSonomy is a premier social bookmarking site for businesses and academics to collect, share, and collaborate with the most recent, highly relevant research-based material.

18. Instagram

Instagram is for photo, video, and live video sharing.

In the 2010s, it was the fourth most downloaded mobile app.

One billion people use Instagram monthly, and 500 million use Instagram Stories daily.

On average, Instagram users spend 28 minutes on the platform daily in 2020.

19. Pearltrees

There’s a simplicity to Pearltrees that makes it a favorite among users who love to create collections of their favorite things.

Pearltrees offers functionality and a platform that makes sharing and gathering new content easy.

20. DZone

DZone is one of the preferred social bookmarking sites for software developers worldwide.

Each day, thousands of developers come to the site to learn, share, and read about the latest technologies and trends in software development.

21. Medium

Typically used to share personal, original stories, Larry Kim has shown just how successful Medium can be for repurposing content.

22. SlideShare

While some claim SlideShare is out, if you’ve created a fantastic keynote or PowerPoint presentation, you will want to repurpose it on SlideShare.

23. Quora

Not only is it an excellent research tool for Q&A content brainstorming, but Quora is a question-and-answer-based site filled with a wide range of topics to discuss and follow.

24. Facebook Groups

A Facebook Group is a closed or open community within Facebook where users can post content ranging from links to events and questions.

As of 2019, 1.4 billion people used Facebook Groups, and over 10 million groups were on Facebook.

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What are free websites for posting URL links?

Free websites for posting URL links are online platforms where you can share and promote your website, blog, or content by submitting the URL link. These platforms are usually open to the public and do not charge users for this service.

Why should I use free URL link-posting websites?

Using free URL link posting websites can help increase the visibility and traffic to your website. It’s an effective way to share your content with a broader audience and improve your online presence.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content I can promote on these websites?

Each website may have guidelines and restrictions on the type of content you can post. While many sites are open to a wide range of content, some may have rules against illegal, harmful, or explicit material. Always check the website’s terms and conditions for specific regulations.

How do I get started with these free URL link-posting websites?

To get started, you typically need to create an account on the website, and then you can begin posting your URL links. It’s a straightforward process, and you’ll often have the option to provide a title, description, and relevant tags for your link.

Can I expect to see an increase in website traffic by using these websites?

Yes, using free URL link posting websites can increase website traffic, especially if your content is relevant and engaging. However, the impact may vary depending on the quality of your content and how well it resonates with the website’s audience.

What are some popular free URL link-posting websites I can start with?

There are several popular free websites where you can post URL links, including social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, content-sharing websites like Reddit and Pinterest, and bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon (now Mix). Each forum has its user base and can be a valuable part of your online marketing strategy.

In conclusion

the quest for free websites where one can Promote Affiliate Links for Free has led us to many versatile platforms that cater to a wide range of needs. The digital landscape is rich with opportunities for sharing, promoting, and connecting through these websites, each offering distinct features and benefits.

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